Is it just me? Or are all relationships complicated?


I feel a little bit like it might just be me.


Because I seem to be the common denominator in every one of my fucked-up relationships.


The only relationship I have that’s not fucked up is with my octogenarian sidekick, Al. Although even his loyalty has come into question a time or two—like when he tried to turn in his two-weeks' notice and I was forced to remind him that he can’t quit a job he doesn’t have. And even if he could, then he wouldn’t get to hang out with me anymore.


Anyway, at the top of this complicated relationship list, you’ll find my parents.


They practically showed up out of the blue, cockblocking straight outta the airport gate and continued complicating my life from the moment they laid eyes on the Seacoast Majestic Resort, where I live and am head of resort security.


Next on the list—and most certainly the fuckiest fucked-up relationship I have, is with a certain British Satan reincarnate that goes by the name of Erika Wild. She’s the activities director at my resort but has serious delusions of grandeur.


And while I could continue down the complicated relationship list—I won’t, because that’s for me to know, and you to read about and quite honestly, the meat and potatoes of this story.


So if you’re ready for another round of Caribbean flavored action and adventure, then you’ve come to the right guy. Meet the Drunks is the fifth book in my story.

Rated R for language, crude humor, and sexual innuendos.

Rated A+ for entertainment value.


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