Zane Mitchell

Character Traits:
  • Personality Quirks:
    • Possesses oddball sense of humor
    • Loves strawberry margaritas and Miller Lite (come at me)
  • Superpowers:
    • Spinning wild tales from mundane events
    • Killing House Plants with a single look
  • Cryptonite:
    • Easily sidetracked (courtesy of ADHD) by:
      • New ideas
      • Squirrels
      • Shiny Objects
      • Snacks
Life Achievements:
  • Published Works:
    • Creator of numerous misadventures wrapped in mystery and humor.
  • Community Impact:
    • Brings smiles and escapism to readers across the globe.
  • Familial Impact:
    • Finally graduated all mini's from high school.
    • Empty nester. 
Author Dossier: Zane Mitchell
Known Alias: The Swashbuckling Storyteller
Home State: Nebraska (It's Not for Everyone)
Currently Hangs Hat: South Dakota
New Mission: Relocation to Kansas City, Spring 2024
Background Brief:
  • Origin Story:
    • Born with pen in hand
    • Raised on diet of Indiana Jones and Star Wars adventures
  • Training Grounds:
    • Bachelor's degree in Education
    • Seasoned newspaper columnist
  • Former Ops:
    • Brief, yet memorable stint as a teacher, often mistaken as a student
Current Operations:
  • Family:
    • Lovable spouse (aka best friend and sparring partner)
    • Plus 10's Include:
      • Four daughters
      • One daughter-in-law
      • Two Sons
      • One grandson
      • Two fur kids (hound dogs)
  • Home Life & Leisure Tactics:
    • DIY Guru
    • Attending and/or watching KC Chiefs games. Hoping to get season tickets after spring move. 
    • Enjoys various side hustles (*refer to cryptonite)
FAQ: Can Zane write with both hands?
Answer: Zane only writes with his left hand because his right is too busy throwing curveball endings and darts into plot holes.
FAQ: Has Zane ever included a secret message in his books?
Answer: Great question. Yes, every book contains a secret code to finding the lost remote control. Unfortunately, Zane lost the secret decoder ring, so the mystery lives on.
FAQ: Why does it take Zane so fucking long to write books?
Answer: Well, now, there's the million dollar question. Zane attributes most of the lengthy writing process to ADHD and an affinity for anything new and shiny. Additionally, Zane has moved twice in the last two years (including the upcoming move to KC) and enjoys home remodeling immensely. Therefore, remodel projects often seem to inadvertently take precedence. However, Zane is actively working to resolve this issue. 
FAQ: Is Zane working on a new book and when can readers expect it to land in their hands?
Answer: Zane would like to plead the fifth on this question. However, we did discover that Zane has started Book 8. There is a title, a cover, and a plot for book 8 and it's juicy. Zane suggests readers hold onto their hats. Twenty-twenty-four is looking twisty for Drunk.
FAQ: How many cups of coffee does it take Zane to write a book.
Answer: Zero. Zane fucking hates coffee, but it takes two energy drinks a day for survival and extra if the hound dogs are especially loud that day. 
FAQ: Are any characters in Zane's book based on real characters in Zane's World (Party on!)
Answer: Yes, Al and Evie Becker are real life homages paid to Zane's beloved late grandparents, who were also Case IH owners and are dearly missed. 
FAQ: Does Zane share any commonalities with his fictional protagonist, Danny Drunk?
Answer: Another great question. Yes, like Drunk, Zane also hates all things coconut, but loves chocolate and Dr. Pepper. Zane and Drunk also share one brain and one mouth--including, but not limited to their sense of humor and potty mouth. While Drunk is much cockier than Zane, Zane has been luckier in the love department than Drunk.
FAQ: I wrote to Zane, but never received a reply, WTF?
Answer: Zane has been warned about this issue on more than one occasion. Zane does admit a dislike for social media and checking email, however, Zane would like to issue a blanket apology to all that this issue has affected and promises to do better in the future. 
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